Product Data Sheets and Application Templates

Our Product Data Sheets are supplied by the manufacturer. All data reflected on these sheets were stated and tested by the manufacturer. However JFS only publishes data sheets of products we know and either has seen work at a customer site or worked with ourselves. As such you will not see every data sheet of every product made by these manufacturers, the one's listed directly impact Fiber Solutions and are products we know! You can find product data sheets sorted by manufacturer and application here.

Please note that JFS is not a service replacing your System Integrator, but rather a knowledge base that works with your System Integrator or Engineering Team in providing you with very specific solutions within your system. We have a wealth of experience and we readily share that with our customers, most of the time for free. We will come and sit with you and help you (and your SI) come up with and design a system specific to your need and budget. Because of our ability to draw from multiple vendors, this is our strength!!

We provide equipment advice, the pros and cons of each within your specific requirement and our personal experience with each product. Additionally we provide detailed fiber and signal flow drawings that serves as a template for the fiber portion of your system. We will work closely with your system integrator and provide accurate DWG or VISIO drawings to be incorporated into their documentation and we will verify the intentional use of each component and its ability within the system.


* Note: For bigger systems we might charge a non-refundable deposit for these services that can in full be applied against the purchase of the system. Any travel associated with consultation other than the original sales visit will be billed at cost.

In addition, we have some templates to get your creative juices started. These are on our JFS Application Drawings page and they serve as the platform for ideas and concepts as you start planning your new system.